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Our Plants

In our production process, strains like Blue Dream and Colombian Gold with CBD levels under 1% THC can be cultivated without the need for a quota. Once their genetics are registered, CBD production becomes quota-free, while THC requires a quota based on purchase orders presented to the government, dictating the allowable cultivation amount, known as a "quota." We can generate a CBD flower batch without either a purchase order or quota, maintaining inventory flexibility. However, for THC production, a quota is essential, typically obtained through a Letter of Intent (LOI) or purchase order to ensure compliance. In the event of order cancellation, any cultivated marijuana must be promptly destroyed, limiting long-term storage options. To accommodate scaling, adjacent properties are utilized. Our cultivation process includes starting strains like Blue Dream and Colombian Gold for the Primary Extraction Area (PEA), with our CBD mother strain being ACDC and our 1980 Lambsbread serving as mothers and clones for future propagation. Utilizing Nano Technology for cloning, OWL ensures genetic uniformity among mothers, enhancing subsequent generations' consistency, control, and efficiency. This cloning process not only maintains consistent THC or CBD concentrations but also preserves unique terpene profiles, crucial for aroma and therapeutic properties. Notable strains in our collection include Rocky's "1980 Lambsbread" and "Colombian Gold," with our newest greenhouse showcasing a diverse range of strains for our PEAs, exemplified by the variety of mothers and clones displayed.

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