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  • Tissue Cultures | Mushrooms Inc

    Tissue Cultures WHAT IS TISSUE CULTURE? TISSUE CULTURE In the rapidly evolving cannabis industry, we at One World Legends are embracing advanced scientific methods like Tissue Culture micropropagation to enhance quality, reduce costs, and ensure scalability and safety of our cannabis strains. ​ Tissue Culture involves creating genetically identical clones from plant material in a lab setting. This process allows for precise replication of desired genetics and optimal plant health. BENEFITS OF TISSUE CULTURE 1. Genetic Consistency: Clones maintain the exact genetics of their mother plant, ensuring consistent phenotypes and chemotypes. This leads to predictable and high-quality flower. 2. Rapid Scaling: Tissue Culture enables us to scale cultivars in weeks rather than months, resulting in increased yield and consistency in production. 3. Cost Efficiency: Mass production of healthy, disease-free plantlets reduces operational risks and costs, delivering a reliable product to our customers. PRESERVING PLANT GENETICS In addition to its practical benefits, Tissue Culture plays a crucial role in preserving cannabis genetics for the future. By maintaining a diverse seed bank, including rare Landrace strains like Malawi Gold and Durban Poison, we ensure the longevity of these valuable genetic resources. At OWL, we're committed to safeguarding the heritage of cannabis by preserving its original strains and offering our customers the authentic experience of these timeless varieties. Let’s Work Together Get in touch so we can start working together. First Name Last Name Email Message Send Thanks for submitting!

  • Marijuana World Tour | Mushrooms Inc

    MARIJUANA WORLD TOUR At One World Legends (OWL), we're revolutionizing the global cannabis market with our unique approach to production and distribution. Here's what sets us apart: 1. Unique Strain Selection: We offer a comprehensive selection of classic Landrace strains sourced from around the world, making us the only company with a full line of Heirloom strains. 2. Consistent Quality: Our use of tissue culture technology ensures that every order maintains the same high-quality standards, providing consistency with every purchase. 3. Equatorial-Tropical Advantage: With our products grown in equatorial-tropical regions, we deliver unmatched quality and economic value that's hard to rival. 4. Rich Heritage: Drawing from generations of experience in the Colombian cannabis industry, our brand carries a legacy of excellence in global marijuana commerce. 5. Skilled Workforce: Our dedicated team of agricultural experts combines education, training, and experience to keep production costs low without compromising on quality. 6. Competitive Pricing: Despite our premium quality, we offer our marijuana oil and flower at highly competitive prices on a global scale. What Sets OWL Apart So, why choose OWL over other international growers and exporters? Here's the answer: ​ 1. Authenticity and Rarity: Unlike others who offer genetically altered hybrids, we specialize in sourcing the most renowned and natural Landrace strains, ensuring authenticity and rarity in every product. 2. Rigorous Process: We meticulously register, cultivate, and select each strain, following a strict double phenotype SOP selection process to ensure only the best plants are chosen for production. 3. On-Demand Cultivation: By storing tissue-cultured plants, we can fulfill production orders quickly and efficiently, providing fresh products tailored to our customers' needs. 4. Hybrid Variety: While we specialize in Landrace/Heirloom strains, we also offer popular hybrid strains like Girl Scout Cookies and Northern Lights, all grown in Colombia. ​ At OWL, we're committed to delivering excellence in cannabis production and distribution, offering our customers the finest selection of strains with unparalleled quality and reliability. Call 123-456-7890 Email Follow

  • Our Plants | Mushrooms Inc

    Our Plants In our production process, strains like Blue Dream and Colombian Gold with CBD levels under 1% THC can be cultivated without the need for a quota. Once their genetics are registered, CBD production becomes quota-free, while THC requires a quota based on purchase orders presented to the government, dictating the allowable cultivation amount, known as a "quota." We can generate a CBD flower batch without either a purchase order or quota, maintaining inventory flexibility. However, for THC production, a quota is essential, typically obtained through a Letter of Intent (LOI) or purchase order to ensure compliance. In the event of order cancellation, any cultivated marijuana must be promptly destroyed, limiting long-term storage options. To accommodate scaling, adjacent properties are utilized. Our cultivation process includes starting strains like Blue Dream and Colombian Gold for the Primary Extraction Area (PEA), with our CBD mother strain being ACDC and our 1980 Lambsbread serving as mothers and clones for future propagation. Utilizing Nano Technology for cloning, OWL ensures genetic uniformity among mothers, enhancing subsequent generations' consistency, control, and efficiency. This cloning process not only maintains consistent THC or CBD concentrations but also preserves unique terpene profiles, crucial for aroma and therapeutic properties. Notable strains in our collection include Rocky's "1980 Lambsbread" and "Colombian Gold," with our newest greenhouse showcasing a diverse range of strains for our PEAs, exemplified by the variety of mothers and clones displayed.

  • Home | Mushrooms Inc

    Legendary Service Legendary Seeds We believe that the best is yet to come and that respect for the past is how we get there. Passionate visionaries support our business and we look forward to adding you and your business to our network of legendary partners. Explore Global Cannabis Export Strategy of One World Legends Inc. One World Legends Inc. (OWL) is poised to become a major player in the legal export of cannabis from Colombia, leveraging Rocky Petrullo's extensive experience in the cannabis industry in Colombia, Jamaica, and the United States. With over a dozen Letters of Intent from Colombian licensed cannabis farms, OWL aims to distribute THC flower and products globally. These agreements are significant as they demonstrate OWL's commitment to organizing large volume exports and the farms' intentions to adhere to legal cultivation and export quotas set by the Colombian government. Many of these collaborations stem from long-standing relationships, revitalized by the recent legalization changes, as well as shared business goals and industry visions. The legalization landscape in Colombia has undergone significant changes with the government's Decree 811 of 2021, amending the previous Decree 613 of 2017, to now allow the export of dried cannabis flowers—a move that promises substantial opportunities for small and medium Colombian farmers in the prosperous global cannabis market. Colombia boasts ideal conditions for cultivating high-quality medical cannabis, including intense sunlight, a perfect day and night cycle, fertile lands, and a unique ecosystem that contributes to organic cultivation. Colombia's cannabis flower, akin to the "Brand" recognition of Juan Valdez coffee, has been renowned for over 55 years. The export market for Colombian cannabis has seen a staggering growth, with exports jumping from USD $275,000 in 2019 to USD $4.7 million in 2020, a growth of more than 1,600%. This surge has been witnessed even before the authorization to export dried flowers, indicating a potential market worth USD $62 billion by 2024. Rocky Petrullo has dedicated efforts towards evaluating and participating in Colombia's burgeoning legal cannabis market, with OWL envisioning to be at the forefront of distributing legal Colombian cannabis to the world market. Rocky's endeavors include a three-city road trip to Colombia, engaging with potential partners and industry leaders, affirming that the country is ready to export high-quality, large volume, and well-priced legal THC cannabis flower. OWL aspires to become the leading supplier of Landrace, Heirloom, and Premium strain flowers and products. The company focuses on distributing legendary "Colombian" strains such as Colombian Gold and Mango Biche, as well as other Landrace strains like Durban Poison and Afghan Kush. These Landrace strains are invaluable as they are the progenitors of all modern cannabis strains and embody the essence of the original cannabis culture that has spurred the global cultivation and crossbreeding of various strains for medicinal and recreational use. Through reviving these veteran strains, OWL is not just exporting cannabis but also a rich part of cannabis heritage and culture. Get in Touch

  • Contact | Mushrooms Inc

    Contact This is your Contact section paragraph. Encourage your reader to reach out with any questions, comments or to take a different action specific to your site. You can also click on the contact form to customize the fields. Let's Chat Email Social Media First Name Last Name Email Message Send Thanks for submitting!

  • Team | Mushrooms Inc

    Our Team. Rocky Perullo, the President, is a well-known figure in the cannabis industry, boasting extensive entrepreneurial experience. He founded the Cannabis MasterMind Alliance (CMA), focusing on global cannabis production and distribution while upholding top-notch quality standards. Chucky Reeves, the Master Grower, brings over four decades of cannabis cultivation expertise, having cultivated marijuana in various regions like Hawaii, California, Florida, and Jamaica, alongside thirty years of commercial agriculture experience. Dr. Nicolas Mendoza, a Consultant & Agronomist Engineer, holds a PhD in Plant Sciences with over a decade of research involvement, particularly in biotechnology and genetics. He's been instrumental in advising global cannabis companies and recently presented on Tissue Culture at an international conference, collaborating closely with Rocky Perullo on shared objectives. Rocky Perullo President Chucky Reeves Master Grower Dr. Nicolas Mendoza Consultant & Agronomist Engineer Email Call 123-456-7890 Follow

  • Global Distrobution | Mushrooms Inc

    Seizing the Opportunity of Legal Cannabis Export from Colombia Global Distrobution One World Legends Inc. (OWL) stands at the forefront of Colombia's burgeoning cannabis export industry, seizing opportunities presented by recent legislative changes. With a focus on facilitating worldwide distribution, OWL has cemented partnerships with licensed Colombian cannabis farms, underscoring its dedication to organizing large-scale exports. Led by President Rocky Petrullo, OWL leverages decades of experience and new alliances to unlock new avenues for small and medium-sized Colombian farmers, contributing to industry growth and global prosperity. Mission OWL is dedicated to excellence in cannabis cultivation and distribution, harnessing Colombia's natural advantages and rich heritage to provide top-notch products to legal markets globally. By embracing legendary Colombian strains and landrace varieties, OWL aims to preserve cannabis culture while meeting the evolving demands of medical, scientific, and recreational consumers. Through strong partnerships and a commitment to quality, OWL strives to become the leading global supplier of premium cannabis flower and products, fostering economic growth and cultural enrichment. Vision OWL envisions a future where Colombian cannabis takes its rightful place on the world stage, recognized for its exceptional quality and diversity. By fostering relationships with growers, industry leaders, and legal markets worldwide, OWL aims to bridge the gap between tradition and innovation, ensuring the continued success of Colombia's cannabis industry. With a focus on sustainability, authenticity, and social responsibility, OWL seeks to shape the global cannabis landscape while honoring the rich legacy of Colombian cannabis strains and their contributions to holistic well-being.

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